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Advanced Investment Banking Programme [AIBP]


Investment banking is a very distinct profession recognized for the unique roles investment bankers perform. Although a subset of corporate finance, it is in special respects dissimilar from it. In a special way, investment bankers concern themselves with the creation of transactions that birth enduring economic value with maximum positive impacts. By virtue of this uniqueness, the formation of professionals in this activity area require specially tailored sets of skills that are critical to sustaining its continued relevance.


As an example, the job of an investment banker is different from that of an investment manager and very different from that of a securities trader. That means therefore that while a skill set such as CFA certification is good to have for finance people, it is rather more appropriate in the formation of investment managers rather than investment bankers. The same logic applies to the adaption of certifications in other finance related areas namely accounting, stockbroking, and banking for investment banking. The Advanced Investment Banking Programme (AIBP) corrects these inadequacies with carefully thought-through curriculum design to form professionals specifically made for the investment banking industry.


The Advanced Investment Banking programme is designed to equip participants with carefully selected and unique set of skills that are relevant for the formation of a good investment banker. The skill set for investment bankers typically combine the ability to identify and unearth transaction opportunities that have huge positive economic impacts over a long period of time, mastery of deal process, relationship building, project management, and communication.


These are the core of the Advanced Investment Banking programme. Although the programme emphasizes traditional corporate finance as well as modelling, it substantially draws attention to and incorporates courses for unearthing hidden transaction opportunities. Some of those courses include opportunity discovery, systems thinking and entrepreneurial innovation. In effect, the Advanced Investment Banking Programme (AIBP) develops entrepreneurially focused investment bankers.


The objectives of this programme are:

  • To develop true entrepreneurially minded investment bankers with broad skills in finance, transaction analysis, project management, systems thinking, innovation and communication.
  • To prepare individuals capable of providing leadership to investment banking organizations operating in a globalized environment.
  • To prepare participants to understand what it means to be a “player” in the investment banking business
  • How investment bankers should actually add value for their customers—and, make money for their employees, partners, and shareholders


At the end of the programming, participants will:

  • Have a profound understanding of what investment banking entails both in theory and practice.
  • Be able to identify hidden opportunities and convert them into good investment banking transactions.
  • Be able to carry out robust financial analysis and modelling.
  • Think better as a system as well as become more innovative.
  • Better understand global economic dynamics and how it opens opportunities for deal making.
  • Understand deal making/structuring processes.


The AIBP Program leverages four distinctive but inter-related learning approaches:

  1. Sound Theoretical Lessons
  2. Case Studies
  3. Industry Practices
  4. Global Perspectives


Systems Thinking and Entrepreneurial Innovation

  1. Overview of systems thinking
  2. Introduction to entrepreneurial innovation
  3. Systems thinking in investment banking
  4. Entrepreneurial innovation in investment banking business
  5. Case studies


Redefining Investment Banking

  1. The investment banker in a changing world
  2. Roles and responsibilities to stakeholder groups
  3. Key tension points between responsibilities to clients and other stakeholders
  4. The future of investment banking


Opportunity Discovery and Sustainable Advantage

  1. Complex problems and the entrepreneur
  2. Entrepreneurial search for valuable solutions
  3. Differential learning ability, opportunity recognition, and effects on governance choice
  4. Opportunity discovery and creation
  5. Case studies


Advance Financial Modelling

  1. Financial Statement Forecasting
  2. Valuation Modelling
  3. M&A and LBO Modelling
  4. Using Excel and PowerPoint to Communicate and Sensitize Conclusions from Financial Analysis


Global Economic Analysis

  1. Overview of the Nigerian macroeconomy
  2. Analysis of cross-country economic performance
  3. Sources of growth: Technology and institutions
  4. Trade and international capital flows
  5. Government deficits and debt crises
  6. Monetary and fiscal policy, banking crises.
  7. Exchange Rates and International Capital Flows


Corporate Finance

  1. Corporate finance fundamentals
  2. Company financials and discounted cash flow valuation
  3. Cost of capital and capital structure
  4. Determining a valuation of the company case
  5. Mergers and acquisitions and recapitalizations
  6. Divestitures, restructuring and other investment banking products




Investment Banking Soft Skills

  1. Integrity and ethics
  2. Communications and team orientation
  3. Time management and multi-tasking
  4. Alternative dispute resolution
  5. Negotiation
  6. Climate banking


  1. Candidates must have a good educational background at a first-degree level in any discipline.
  2. Basic Knowledge of MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  3. Minimum of 10 years work experience and at C-level with a reputable firm


Duration: 10 Days
Date: November 19 – 30, 2018
Time: 9.00am – 4.00pm (Weekdays)
Venue: GTI House, 4 Tinubu Street, Central Business District, Marina Lagos
Format: Lectures, Presentations, Case Study, Breakout Sessions, and Assessments


  1. Detailed CV
  2. 200 Word Essay on the reason for Applying


100% FREE for all selected participants (Does not include Transport and Accommodation)

Change Your Career. Change Your Life.


Programme Details

Duration: 10 Days
Date: November 19 – 30, 2018
Time: 9.00am – 4.00pm (Weekdays)
Venue: GTI House, 4 Tinubu Street, Central Business District, Marina Lagos
Format: Lectures, Presentations, Case Study, Breakout Sessions, and Assessments


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Note:The selection process is done by the GTI Finance Academy team


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